At √Čleos we take a “team” approach, sharing leadership among a diverse and interdependent team of volunteers.


We are lead by a team of volunteers who share the responsibility of leadership. We have 20+ highly dedicated volunteers and a leadership team of seven volunteers committed to overseeing various areas of the organization.

Cam & Joy Hill – Founders and Directors of Mission and Vision

Contact: Cam

| chill@summitupstate.org ; Joy | jsantos21@gmail.com

Charlie & Jen Wheeler – Directors of Small Group Engagement

Contact: Jen & Charlie | jennwheeler411@gmail.com

Rich Hefty – Director of Communications

Contact: Rich | rich.hefty@gmail.com

Danny Devito – Director of Open Gym

Contact: Danny |

James Warnex – Director of Community Engagement

Contact: James | Jrwarnex@gmail.com