Who We Are

What We Do

Serving our neighbors and equipping them to embrace their God-given potential for the good of our community.


Let’s Break it Down:¬†

[Serving Our Neighbors]

Effective community development will come through people who live in a community and have begun to share the needs of that community. Your perspective will always be skewed if you’re analyzing a community from the outside.

[Equipping Them to Embrace Their God-given Potential]

Effective community development requires the holistic personal development of the individual members of a community. Every person is full of raw potential because all people are made in the image of God. We believe the Gospel allows us to tap into that potential and cultivate it for the flourishing of that individual and their community.

[For the Good of Their Community]

Sustainable community development demands the equipping and releasing of community members back into their neighborhood. In other words, a necessary part of serving people is equipping them to serve their community. The people with the greatest influence in a neighborhood are the people who grew up there.


Our Approach

We approach holistic personal development with our aim towards sustainable community development.

[Holistic Personal Development] involves addressing the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of people. Recognizing that the needs of people are complex, our programs aim to serve the whole person.

[Sustainable Community Development] is the natural bi-product of holistic personal development. As you serve the needs of whole people, you necessarily address the community they’re a part of and the systems that influence them. We want to serve people well while recognizing that they don’t exist in isolation. Our programs aim to influence entire communities by empowering people, removing systemic barriers and creating on-ramps to serve.