Volunteer Opportunities

We need your help!

Eleos is a volunteer run organization that believes God is using all of his people to accomplish his work in the world. For that reason, we’re committed to equipping all of God’s people to serve at Eleos. Here are a few ways you can get involved!

Open Gym

  • Basketball – One of the ways we build relationships with people, is by participating in activities with each other. The activity that we have in front of us is basketball. Many of the students we work with have grown up in a toxic environment where insecurities rule the day. This is especially noticed in sports. Name-calling and trash talking is par for the course. It’s the language of survival for many. This gives us an opportunity to work hard, play well, while constantly desiring to build up those around us. This is a stark contrast to what most of these students are used to and gives us a platform to talk about the Gospel while displaying its tangible effects on our lives.
  • Food Provision – People gotta eat, right? We’ll be eating dinner with the students every evening. Meals won’t be elaborate, but we want them to be healthy. These students are worth the extra effort to provide good meals that will help them grow as young men and women. If you love making food, I can bet these students will love eating it. This is a great opportunity to mobilize your small group or church to get involved!


  • Tutoring / Mentoring – Tutoring is an incredible opportunity to develop relationships with students while caring for their very tangible needs. Graduating from High School dramatically decreases the likelihood of a student entering the criminal justice system. Tutoring plays a very important role in our mission to see students discover their God-given potential for the good of their community. Tutoring also becomes a platform for mentorship, and an opportunity to develop meaningful friendships with students. People aren’t 2 dimensional, we’re complex products of grace and brokenness, with the scars to prove it. Effective mentorship takes place when someone is truly known and served from a place of sincerity – genuine friendships built around the conviction that all people are valuable beyond our wildest dreams. All of our tutors receive mentor upstate training, to mentor students through the Greenville county school system. 

Want to get involved?

Follow this link to fill out our volunteer application!